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SpyBot Search & Destroy



Program available in: English

Program license: Free

Program by: Safer-networking

Works under:Windows 8

SpyBot Search and Destroy is a program that detects spyware and removes it. While it's focused on detecting and removing spyware, it can also remove malware and other common virus threats. On top of that, the interface is very simple and beginner friendly.

Main Feature

SpyBot Search and Destroy is focused on finding spyware and taking it off your computer. These are viruses from shady websites that watch what you do and steal information. While Spybot is primarily focused on spyware, this program also provides comprehensive malware protection as it can find and destroy other types of viruses. There are also features to help shield you against future attacks.

User Friendly

This program has many features packed into a simple interface. All of the tools are right there for you. Even beginners who are getting used to computers will have no problem using this program. It's simple and ensures your computer is protected.